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Earn money every time someone buys your course.  You get 70% of the course fee, paid to you monthly.

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Earning FAQ

How do I earn through Quebiko?

You can earn up to 80% of the course fee – (please see earning FAQ to the right).

It’s quite simple really, create your course on the Quebiko plaform.  The course will share in Quebiko marketing resources and you need to do some marketing on your side (you earn additional incentives based on student participation).

I do face-to-face training and am not interested in online?

That is perfectly ok!

Trainers use us because we are set up to take payments and do additional marketing – so tap into our system so you can focus on delivering your course!

The same incentives and earnings apply to you as if you listed the full course on Quebiko.

I already host a course on another platform!

No problem!

List your course with Quebiko as an “OFFLINE” course.  This allows you to offer your course on your existing platform, BUT also allows you to tap into our community.

Obviously we would love to host your course and we could help you migrate, but if you are happy with your current solution, “why fix it if it ‘aint broke”!

What courses can I list on Quebiko?

It has to be professional!

Quebiko is geared for professionals – so your course has to carry content that will advance the careers of professionals in a given field – eg accounting, architecture, banking, economics, finance/ financial services, insurance, law, taxation etc.

If you are not sure if your course fits, please contact

How much can you earn?

Base earning - 70%
Incentive 1 - 20-49 Students on course - +5%
Incentive 2 - 50-99 Students on course - +7,5%
Incentive 3 - 100+ Students on course - +10%

* Additional incentives of up to 10% may apply

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