Taxsutra’s India ‘COVID-19 Tax & Regulatory Hotspot’ – Navigating through the Disruptions!

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The Coronavirus is nothing short of a ‘black swan’ event and has wreaked havoc across the globe! As the world scrambles to make a valiant effort to beat this deadly virus, the Judiciary and various Regulators in various countries have been facing their own set of quandaries owing to the COVID-19 menace and frequent lockdowns. However, the Regulators and Judiciary, have been prescient, and have adopted several measures to do their bit in bolstering the Govt.’s efforts in containing the spread of the pandemic.

Specifically, in India, the Income Tax and Indirect Tax authorities, Corporate Law regulators and Judiciary have been rolling out a slew of directives and guidelines from time to time limiting their functioning, relaxing compliance requirements, offering relief measures etc., taking into account the practical impediments caused due to COVID-19. While this has been, and still is a daunting task for the authorities, it has also been an eventful few months keeping a close eye on all these important developments.

Taxsutra has been on its toes to provide its readers real-time access to the developments that have occurred in the past few months on this front primarily within India. In this regard, we have put together a one-stop resource center in the form of a special microsite titled “COVID-19 Tax and Regulatory Hotspot”. This is an effort on our part, to help you navigate through the complex web of changes on the Indian Judicial and Regulatory front, that have taken place hitherto, and will continue to happen henceforth.

Click here to access Taxsutra’s COVID-19 special microsite!

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