Covid-19 Country-by-Country Global Tax Relief

Article by: Andersen Global

This guide provides an overview of the response to COVID-19 by each country as it relates to tax relief and other provisions implemented by local governments. This guide includes information as it pertains to specific countries on general measures, corporate income tax measures, tax payments, tax reporting, and VAT in specific countries as provided by the member and collaborating firms of Andersen Global.

Andersen Global is a Swiss verein comprised of legally separate, independent member firms located throughout the world providing services under their own names. Andersen Global does not provide any services and has no responsibility for any actions of the Member Firms or collaborating firms. No warranty or representation, express or implied, is made by Andersen Global, its Member Firms or collaborating firms, nor do they accept any liability with respect to the information set forth herein.

Distribution hereof does not constitute legal, tax, accounting, investment or other professional advice.

The opinions and analyses contained herein are general in nature and provide a high-level overview of the measures that local tax authorities are taking in response to the COVID-19 pandemic as of the time of publication. The information herein does not take into account an individual’s or entity’s specific circumstances or applicable governing law, which may vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction and be subject to change at any time. The Member Firms and collaborating firms of Andersen Global have used best efforts to compile this information from reliable sources. However, information and the applicable regulatory environment is evolving at a fast pace as governments respond. Recipients should consult their professional advisors prior to acting on the information set forth herein.

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