5 things ‘Tribe members have been doing this week (13/03/2020)

This is a new blog we are starting from today.  

We welcome you to contribute by posting to your timeline on the TaxTribe Platform (www.taxtribe.org).

We will start it off this week (Edition 1) but from next week will start posting what you, the ‘Tribe, are adding to your timelines

  1. It does not have to deal with just tax.
  2. Make it interesting.
  3. It does not have to be all the items below – it can just be one.
  4. Please keep it clean!*
  5. If you think it is interesting but does not fit into the 5 categories below – send it – diversity is great!

*We will obviously check what is posted first 🙂

Tell us (with a brief description, and link):

  1. What you are reading (books, articles, snippets etc).
  2. What you are listening to/ watching (songs, records, podcasts, lectures, movies etc).
  3. What has made you smile (anything).
  4. A quote that sums up this past week.
  5. What you are eating or drinking (recipes, pictures, stories).

Quote of the Week

“For all those finding it difficult: the sun will shine on you again and the clouds will go away”

A quote by Capt. Tom Moore – this is what he said about the current situation in the world relating to Covid-19. Capt Tom tuned a 100 this week, survived WWII and now fighting Covid-19 by raising GBP 32,796,450.00 for the British NHS Covid-19 response.

He is a true hero!

What the ‘Tribe is reading

Tax Intelligence: The 7 Habitual Tax Mistakes Made by Companies

We will keep this in the tax sphere.  For some reason this week, we have noticed a spike in searches for information on Tax Risk Management.  So we have revisited this book by Dr Daniel N. Erasmus.

Get the eBook

What the ‘Tribe is listening to/ watching

The story of Frank Abagnale in his own words

Most of us have seen the movie “Catch me if you can” – as story about a young man who commits counterfeit fraud to survive and ends up becoming one of the longest serving agents of the FBI.  This is the story in his words.  It is funny, sad and real.

Watch on YouTube

What the ‘Tribe is smiling about

Captain Tom Moore

A few weeks ago 99 year old Capt. Tom Moore set out to do a 100 laps of his garden in celebration of his 100th birthday and challenged people to sponsor him so he could raise GBP 1,000.00 for the British NHS (Health Service) for Covid-19.  In a space of 6 weeks he has managed to raise GBP 32,796,450.00, AND in the last week he has turned 100!

You can also donate to Capt. Moores efforts!

What’s cooking!

BBQ whole Sea Bream with lemon grass, ginger and garlic (with a hint of chilli)

Sea Bream has an amazing delicate flavour, and done on the BBQ it is absolutely fabulous. 

The marinade of lemon grass, ginger and garlic (with a hint of chilli) is not meant to overpower the fish, but just to add another dimension to what is naturally delicious.  

This is a great dish to do on the BBQ and goes really well with a fresh salad
See the full recipe here.

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