A Canadian Resident Moving to the United States

Article by: Ian Morrison

Whether it is to try and escape the cold, or following a new employment opportunity, Canadians often move to the United States to achieve these two objectives. When they do they suddenly find themselves in an unfortunate situation of being ‘orphaned’ by their existing Canadian based Investment Advisors as most Canadian Investment Advisory firms are not properly registered to do business with Canadians in the United States. The case study below illustrates how the Private Client Division of Raymond James (USA) Ltd. has helped.

The Background

Frank is a senior-level bank executive that built his career in Canada, but seized an opportunity to take a position in the United States. He planned to relocate and spend at least 10 years across the border, leaving his RRSP and other investments in Canada, where he would retire.

The Issue

Though the move was good for his career, it fractured his financial picture. He would have to enlist a US advisor to handle his IRA and non-registered savings, while keeping his Canadian advisor solely for his RRSP account.

The Solution

With financial advisors registered across Canada that are licensed both in the U.S. and Canada, Raymond James (USA) Ltd. can help. No longer would Frank need two financial advisors to accomplish his goals.

His Raymond James (USA) Ltd. advisor is able to create a disciplined investment strategy and comprehensive retirement income plan that can take your entire portfolio into consideration, regardless of where Frank ultimately ends up.

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