5 things ‘Tribe members have been doing this week (22/05/2020)

Quote of the Week

“When you abandon freedom to achieve security, you lose both and deserve neither.”

– Thomas Jefferson

This quote has been used a lot over the past few weeks to highlight certain viewpoints.  What is clear during this pandemic is that there is a clear division as to how to proceed in opening up global economies.  Despite our personal viewpoints is a time of deep consideration and reflection – ultimately everyone wants the same – to secure lives and livelihoods.

What the ‘Tribe is reading

So what will it be? The “Red Pill” or the “Blue Pill”?

Is it politics, or does it have some other meaning?  Elon Musk is no stranger to “Tweeting” eccentric messages via Twitter.  It has got him into hot water at times, and has also had him  labeled as a bit odd.  But one thing is for sure – people do listen to him, as he has amassed over 34mil followers in Twitter.  A “Tweet” this week has everyone stirring again!
Read the New York Times article.

What the ‘Tribe is listening to/ watching

PodCast – Clock ticks for investors to reclaim SFr15bn of Swiss commissions

If you, or your clients, have ever invested in funds through Swiss Banks prior to 2012 you need to listen to this.  

Time is running out for investors to reclaim up to SFr15bn ($15.4bn) in investment fund commissions that was pocketed by Swiss banks.

Listen to this PodCast if you believe you/ your clients can benefit.

What the ‘Tribe is smiling about

Couch Safari

The Covid-19 theme will still be with us for a while.  But, what is amazing is the resilience and creativity going around.  As we know, most hospitality businesses have suffered severely under the Covid-19 lockdowns – and none more than conservation businesses in Africa.  In order to keep the word out there about wildlife preservation WildEarth.TV has come up with innovative ways to take you on a game drive, from the comfort of your couch!

Go on Safari from your couch!

What’s cooking!

Great Breakfast – Shakshuka

We so often hear that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and yet it is probably the most neglected.  Why not try this Middle Eastern classic for breakfast tomorrow morning. 

It is really easy to make and exceptionally delicious.

See the full recipe here.

What have you done this week?

We welcome you to contribute by posting to your timeline on the TaxTribe Platform (www.taxtribe.org).

We will start it off this week (Edition 1) but from next week will start posting what you, the ‘Tribe, are adding to your timelines

  1. It does not have to deal with just tax.
  2. Make it interesting.
  3. It does not have to be all the items below – it can just be one.
  4. Please keep it clean!*
  5. If you think it is interesting but does not fit into the 5 categories below – send it – diversity is great!

*We will obviously check what is posted first 🙂

Tell us (with a brief description, and link):

  1. What you are reading (books, articles, snippets etc).
  2. What you are listening to/ watching (songs, records, podcasts, lectures, movies etc).
  3. What has made you smile (anything).
  4. A quote that sums up this past week.
  5. What you are eating or drinking (recipes, pictures, stories).

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